Team Bev

“Grow love – Squash Fear.”   

This picture was taken November 28th, 2020.  It was the last walk I shared with my Mom.   The next few months would see a dramatic change in her health.  Little did we know that ALS was taking over.   It was right around this time last year that our little world was turning upside down.   So much has happened between now and than for many.  And for many there has been so much pain and loss.  I know we are not alone in that experience.  November 30th marks the annual campaign of Giving Tuesday – a global movement of generosity.   And if there ever was a time for some generosity, ‘a day to do good’  & ‘grow love’ this seems to be the right time.  I thought I would join the cause and ask for others support to help raise some funds and a whole bunch of hope for individuals and their families living with ALS in BC, particularly those in isolated regions and those living with ALS and in flooded areas of BC.    I hope to raise $500 on this day to go towards the equipment loan program through ALS BC.   All life changing equipment is provided at no charge to patients and their families living with ALS because of generous donations to the ALS society of BC.   My Mom’s diagnosis came far too late so we were not able to access much of the cutting edge enhanced technology to assist her –   equipment and technology that can bring so much comfort and ease to people living with this horrific disease.   I was blessed to have such an amazing woman to call my Mom. She was generous of spirit, warmth and love.  She remains the very best of us.