More Ways to Give

Donate a Car

Donate a Car – It’s Easier than you think!

The ALS Society of BC is one of the partners of the Donate a Car Canada. If interested, please complete the donation form on the company’s website at or you may also call 1-877-250-4904. They offer car removal, car recycling, or simply junking the car. Once the vehicle transfer is finalized, the ALS Society of BC will issue the donation tax receipt to the donor.


Matching Donations

Your workplace might be one of the several companies that assist their employees and retirees through charity matching gifts. Please visit your human resources or payroll department to check if your employer offers any of the following:

  • Matching your charitable donation – normally an employer matching form needs to be completed by the employee in order to initiate the matching gift.
  • Volunteer grants – If you like volunteering, some employers issue donations in honour of the volunteer time done by their employees.
  • Payroll deduction – If your company is connected to the annual United Way or HealthPartners campaign, you can designate your gift to the ALS Society of BC.

Don’t miss the opportunity to double the impact of your support to the charity you are helping.


Return-It Express

For a list of accepted items and depot locations, visit