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How to save taxes through ethical Wills

By now you’re likely aware of the movement to write “ethical Wills” in Canada, Wills that support both family and the causes you care about. But there is one thing you may not realize – there are tax advantages too!

With tax season around the corner, we wanted to share this free webinar that will help you make a positive difference on the ALS Society of BC…and your finances.

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In this free resource from the Will Power campaign, you’ll get tips and tricks for impactful estate planning from Financial Advisor Keith Thomson and Will Power Director Laurie Fox.

We got great feedback when we shared this webinar last year. People found it really useful to understand:

  1. How to support family and contribute to a charity like the ALS Society of BC in their Will;
  2. How doing so can actually decrease the tax burden on your estate;
  3. How you can create an ethical Will with ease; and
  4. Where you can find help and learn more.

Learn more by registering for the webinar. Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for the webinar link!

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Jan/Feb 2023