Gifts of Stocks/Securities

A gift of stocks can maximize the value of your philanthropy while also giving you tax advantages. Your generosity means that people living with ALS today can benefit from services, support, and advocacy – and makes possible the effective treatments of tomorrow through research investment.

Thank you for your consideration in gifting publicly traded mutual funds, stocks or other securities to the ALS Society of British Columbia. The following will help ensure your generosity is efficiently welcomed:

Please download, complete and sign the below Gifts of Publicly–Traded Securities Transfer Intent Form. Your broker or investment firm will be able to provide the numbers and symbols requested and clarify if any special circumstances might delay the donation.

Submit copies of your completed Gifts of Publicly–Traded Securities Transfer Intent Form to the following two (2) organizations:

  1. Your Broker, and to:
  2. To the attention of Rena Mendoza, Manager of Donor Relations and Finance, at the ALS Society of British Columbia by either:
    1. Email: [email protected]; Fax: 604-278-2257, or; Mail: ALS Society of BC. 1228-13351 Commerce Parkway, Richmond, BC V6V 2X7. 

It is important that you notify ALSBC of your gift. Gifts that are unidentified and/or unexpected may cause delays with issuing charitable tax receipts. 

Please note:

  •  Your transfer will be initiated within 24 hours of receipt and can take between three and ten business days to complete, depending on the security involved or other circumstances. 
  • Your institution may reject the transfer for a number of reasons, which are usually related to incomplete instructions. Please ensure that the Gifts of Publicly–Traded Securities Transfer Intent Form is clear and complete. 
  • Some products are non-transferable or non-redeemable and, therefore, you might be unable to donate them. If you are uncertain, please ask your advisor. 
  • Please be advised that the value of the donation receipt will be based on the closing price of the securities on the day that they are received in our account, in accordance with our policy and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulation. 
  • For further information, you may contact Rena Mendoza, Manager of Donor Relations & Finance, at 1-800-708-3228 ext. 225 or via email at [email protected]