With your support, the ALS Society of BC was successful with the launch of PROJECT HOPE, raising in excess of $5.3M to establish an endowed trust to fund an ALS Research Professorship at UBC. As this is an endowed trust, funds for the professorship will be in perpetuity. A clinician-scientist will be recruited to oversee, spearhead, and create opportunities for patients to access clinical trials in BC, to become a leader not only in Canada but the world for ALS research. They will champion enhanced care for ALS patients in BC. 

The ALS Clinic move to UBC is taking place. 

It is our dream to End ALS through creating a world class ALS Centre at UBC. To that end, the ALS Society of BC has pledged to UBC to raise an additional $20M to see this come to fruition.

PROJECT HOPE's primary graphic features ALS BC, UBC Faculty of Medicine and Province of British Columbia logos at the top. Below the logos are graphics for ALS Research, Clinical Care and Support Services with the "End ALS Through A World Class Centre at UBC" tagline at the bottom.



For more information, contact:
Wendy Toyer
Executive Director, ALS Society of BC
Email: [email protected]
Office: 604-278-2257 ext. 222
Cell: 778-999-6257