In 2021, the ALS Society of BC were incredibly successful with PROJECT HOPE Phase I, raising in excess of $5.3M. Recruitment began immediately and a clinician-scientist has been selected to champion enhanced care for ALS patients in BC. The clinician-scientist will oversee spearheading and creating opportunities for patients to access clinical trials in BC, to become a leader not only in Canada but the world for ALS research.

The fundraising success for Phase I of PROJECT HOPE can be attributed to the support of the Province of BC and UBC. We are deeply grateful for this partnership. Thank you.

As we accomplished our goal so efficiently we launched PROJECT HOPE Phase II after understanding what additional services would bring hope to ALS patients in the Province.

We must keep the momentum going to establish a world class ALS Centre to create an optimal environment integrating research and clinical care.

UBC has committed to work with ALS BC towards achieving this goal and a memorandum of understanding is in place.
For this next phase, the $20M will go towards building the team to lead research, clinical trials and to staff an ALS Clinic at UBC.

Understanding the costs:

  • A single clinical trial for 40 patients, costs on average $1,460,000 ($36,500/patient).
  • The annual cost to operate a multi-disciplinary ALS clinic for 250 patients is $1,662,500. At any given time in B.C. there are over 400 people living with ALS, so the cost could be upwards of $2,660,000 per annum.

To ensure funds continue to flow to PROJECT HOPE:

  • 40% of the proceeds from the Move to Cure ALS events held throughout BC each year, will be directed to research through PROJECT HOPE.
  • All donations designated to research received by ALS BC will also be directed to PROJECT HOPE.
  • Each March, the ALS Society of BC runs an extensive Multi-Media Campaign to raise funds for PROJECT HOPE through Corus Entertainment (CKNW, GLOBAL BC and SHAW).

It is our common goal to End ALS through creating a world class ALS Centre at UBC.