For physicians

To ensure people living with ALS receive the best possible quality of care, it is critical that their primary care physicians be knowledgeable about the disease and work in collaboration with an ALS specialty team. The resources on this page will help you to better understand ALS in order to support your patients who are living with the disease.

A Guide to ALS Patient Care for Primary Care Physicians

This guide is for general practitioners who have a patient who has been diagnosed with ALS, or who is suspected to have ALS. It will assist you in recognizing the signs and symptoms of ALS, understanding ALS progression, symptom management, changing patient needs, the importance of interdisciplinary ALS care, and more.

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ALS Society of BC Equipment Loan Program

The Equipment Loan Program is designed to help people cope with daily challenges of decreasing mobility and independence through obtaining basic and essential assistive equipment.  This includes mobility equipment, lift equipment, beds and accessories, communication devices and bathroom aids.  All equipment loaned is available at no charge to registered ALS patients in British Columbia.  As a physician, you will help people living with ALS to assess the type of equipment they need and how to access it.

Learn more about the ALS Society of BC equipment program 

Talking with Your Patient’s Children About ALS

This booklet is designed to help health care professionals reinforce with their patients the importance of considering family dynamics in the care and management of a person living with ALS, and in particular how to help young children understand the diagnosis and management of their parent’s illness.

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