If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with ALS, you may be struggling to understand what this means and what to do next.

Life with ALS presents many challenges for those living with the disease and their caregivers, as well as family and friends. In addition to needing physical support, people living with ALS may find it difficult to cope with the associated emotional and lifestyle changes.

The ALS Society of BC strives to provide the education and tools to help make day-to-day life with ALS less overwhelming and more manageable. We offer resources for people living with ALS, youth whose lives may be affected by the disease and physicians caring for patients who have ALS.

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Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL)

Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) is a self-directed option for eligible home support clients. CSIL clients receive funds directly from their local health authority to purchase their own home support services. Clients become employers who manage all aspects of their home support, from hiring and supervising staff to overseeing how CSIL funds are spent. Click here to learn more about this British Columbia Government Health Care services.