The ALS Society of British Columbia (ALS BC) is a registered non-profit charity providing support to ALS patients, their families, and caregivers to ensure the best quality of life possible for those living with, and affected by ALS. The Society supports  ALS Research and is committed to finding the cause of, and a cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

We believe we are at the crossroads of unprecedented hope.  There are over eighty (80) promising ALS therapies in the late stages of the clinical trials. Tragically the reality is all of this activity has been largely happening outside of Canada. None in BC.  British Columbians diagnosed with ALS must travel, at their own expense, to other provinces and countries to participate in ALS clinical trials.  That is their only hope.

For British Columbians with ALS, there are no proven effective treatments and no access to promising clinical trials. We must provide access to clinical trials in BC to provide hope to British Columbians living with ALS.  Time is of the essence!

We are extremely grateful for the generous support of PROJECT HOPE and are pleased to announce the $5.3 Million goal has been achieved!

Two goals for PROJECT HOPE are:

  1. To establish an ALS Research Professorship at UBC which will be held by a Clinician/Scientist to champion and run the program. This will be funded by an endowment investment of $5,293,750.  This endowed position will exist in perpetuity.
  2. The ALS Professorship will strive to create an optimal environment integrating research and clinical care.

Next Steps:

  1. Gift and Trust agreements between the ALS Society of BC and University of BC Faculty of Medicine to create an ALS Research Professorship
  2. Recruit ALS dedicated Clinician/Scientist
  3. Continued support

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