Equipment Loan Program

Our Equipment Loan Program is designed to help people cope with the daily challenges of decreasing mobility and independence.  Through obtaining basic and essential assistive devices at no charge, we hope to reduce the financial burden and to enhance the quality of life of those living with ALS. This includes mobility equipment, lifts, beds & accessories, bathroom aids and communication devices. Our equipment catalogue provides more details on the available devices.

All equipment is prepared for shipment to the home of the patient within two business days of receiving a request from a healthcare professional.  If the equipment does not require technical support, it should arrive via courier within the week depending on location. However, if technical and/or an occupational therapist support are required, delivery can be delayed due to their schedules which is out of our control.  ALS BC Staff will follow up with a call to your home after the equipment is delivered to ensure everything is working well for the patient and their caregiver

The program has been expanded to include Advanced Technology which now has 140 pieces of equipment in inventory. These items include 4 state of the art Obi robotic feeding devices, 2 tango hydraulic chairs, hydraulic office chairs, Google home, Chromecasts, smart lights, robot spoons, and a robotic arm.

Update on the ALS Society of BC Equipment Loan Program:

Over the past twelve years, the ALS Society of BC has contracted the Society‚Äôs equipment loan program to HME Mobility & Accessibility.  Both organizations have grown significantly during this time.  Through joint consultation and mutual agreement, the decision has been made that the Society will take over all aspects of the equipment loan program including storage, maintenance and delivery of the equipment.  The transition will happen over the next few months.

All requests for equipment are to be directed to the ALS Society of BC from this point forward.

Contact information:

Billie Doyle

Email Phone  (604)- 809-9577 Fax  (604) 278-4257

Zac Campbell

Email Phone (604)-809-9455 Fax (604)-278-4257

We have enjoyed working with HME Mobility & Accessibility in the past and will continue to do so in a different capacity in the future.

Wendy Toyer, Executive Director

ALS Society of BC

To fill out any of the following Equipment documents:

  1. Click on link and Save document to your desktop BEFORE filling out
  2. Open file and fill out from computer/device
  3. Once filled out email back to

Assistive Equipment Prescription

Repair- Request Form

ELP Changes

Return – ALS Equipment Form

Statistics Overview

Our goal is to fill up 100% of equipment prescription forms received to improve the quality of life not only of ALS patients but also their families and caregivers.   

At year end 2020, 1,344 pieces of equipment were on loan to people living with ALS.

Quick Stats

  • Equipment requests:

    • 1,016


    • 2,122


    • 1,928


  • Equipment deliveries:

    • 1,957


    • 2,566


    • 2,455


  • Maintenance (cleaning & reports):

    • 1,734


    • 1,763


    • 1,602


Equipment Donations

Providing equipment to those who need it most would not be possible without equipment donations from our community. If you are able to donate a piece of equipment, please send the following details to

  • Equipment type and description
  • Approximate age of equipment (2 years or less in age accepted)
  • Location of Equipment
  • Your First & Last Name
  • Telephone Number

Upon receipt, our equipment loan manager will contact you within 1-2 business days.