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Receiving an ALS diagnosis is overwhelming and leads to many questions and concerns. Whether you are living with ALS or caring for someone with ALS, there are many challenges and changes to consider. The ALS Society of BC and our provincial partners are here to help. Through fundraising and donations, the society is able to provide programs and services at no cost to ALS patients and their families, however, patients must be registered to access them. There is no registration fee for ALS Patients.

The ALS Guide has been developed to provide practical
information about ALS, its progression, and how people and
families living with ALS can find solutions to help maintain
independence. To view the ALS Guide, click here. 

Patient Registration Form – Online

Patient Registration Form – PDF

General Membership Form
(for Individuals, Friends and Family Members)

Statistics Overview

In 2020, the ALS Society of BC cared for 498 clients (487 in 2019 and 485 in 2018) through various support programs and patient services initiatives.

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