Presenting the 2023 Helmet4Hope

Photo credit: Ambrose Weingart

I’m very excited to wear this design by Brooklyn Rhead this season featuring a blue cornflower as the cell body of a motor neuron. Brooklyn says the lightening bolts “symbolize the strength, power, and hope in those living with ALS”. I think they’re a perfect fit given the nature of the electrical activity between neurons and how it relates to this disease. Thank you to Brooklyn for this beautiful design, and to Paint House Customs for bringing it to life.

I hope this helmet inspires conversations and brings awareness about ALS wherever it is seen this season, and I can’t wait to rock it when I return to racing. If you would like to donate in support of ALS research and patient support, you can still do so.

I also want to thank Haywood Securities for their continued support as my head sponsor and for backing this project.

Brodie Seger

Photo credits: Ambrose Weingart & Jade Wetherell