Outreach Overview


  • As part of the Society’s outreach activities, the Society published 3 Believe BC ALS articles in the Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers and Postmedia virtual platform and released one provincial newsletter. Which generated over 50,000 impressions per article, with an engagement rate of 4.1%. The adjoining campaign video premiered on our Facebook page and gathered over 500 views within the first two days.
  • In both March 2020 & 2021, the Society partnered with Global TV to conduct five interviews on ALS research, and support programs provided to ALS patients and caregivers in BC. Which were played on the 6 pm primetime news, BC1, morning news & CKNW. In adjacent the videos were posted to Global TV’s Facebook page and website.
  • The Society also released 40 direct response appeals through email and through the Society’s social media platforms.
  • A short infomercial was aired on TV and radio to promote the ALS Awareness month in June, the Move to Cure ALS, and the PGA of BC Golfathon for ALS events.  The information was also shared on the Corus Entertainment social media platforms.
  • In 2021 Global BC promoted the 16th Annual PGA Golfathon for ALS on the BC1 Community Calendar airing an average of 80 times per day for 4 weeks, over a 2-week span.
  • The Society maintains four websites that provide updated information on ALS, research, and activities beneficial to stakeholders.
  • We connect with our constituents through Instagram, Twitter, Email, TikTok, Op-eds, and Facebook. We were the first ALS Society in Canada to start a TikTok account, where patients and family contribute videos to.
Our goal is to grow our email campaigns click rate for the 2022 year and to grow our constituent impressions from the current 6.55% to 8%
Our goal with our social media to is grow our net follower base by creating a stronger brand identity across our platforms, which will include posting 2-3 times a week to keep followers engaged in the content. In turn growing our follower base and views.


In 2019, the ALS Society of British Columbia’s board of directors set a goal to establish an ALS Research Professorship at UBC to be held by a Clinician/Scientist to champion and run the program – PROJECT HOPE. This will be funded by an endowment investment of $5.3 Million. This endowed position will exist in perpetuity.


  • We are extremely grateful for the generous support of PROJECT HOPE and are pleased to announce the $5.3 Million goal was achieved in April 2021! Special thanks to the Province of BC for contributing $3 Million. The remaining $2.3 Million was donated by British Columbians.
  • Trust and Gift Agreements between the ALS Society of BC and the University of BC are in place to fund the ALS Society of BC ALS Research Professorship.
  • The recruitment process to hire a senior ALS Clinician Scientist to champion the project is underway. UBC has committed funding through the President’s Academic Excellence Initiative to support the recruitment of a senior ALS clinician-scientist and bring clinical trials to patients with ALS faster.

“The partnership between the ALS Society and UBC is a historic leap toward meaningful change for all those living with ALS here in BC and beyond,” said Dr. Jon Stoessl, professor and head of UBC’s department of neurology. “Patients are counting on us to improve access to treatment, develop new therapies, and move closer to a cure for ALS. Local patient participation in clinical trials will be critical to achieving these bold aims.”


The ALS Professorship will strive to create an optimal environment integrating research and clinical care. It is our dream to End ALS through creating a world-class ALS Centre at UBC. To that end, the ALS Society of BC has pledged to UBC to raise an additional $20M for research.

  • On April 6th, 2022 the ALS Society of British Columbia is pleased to announce the Province of BC is providing the ALS Society of BC with an additional $2 million for PROJECT HOPE Phase II. These funds will support the ALS Society of BC Research Professorship at the University of British Columbia to find the cause of and a cure for ALS. This investment builds on the $3 million already invested by the Province in 2020-2021.
  • “The ALS Society of British Columbia is very grateful for the partnership between the Society, the Province of British Columbia, and the University of British Columbia. We are now in a place to take PROJECT HOPE to the next level. The ALS Society of BC Research Professorship at UBC will strive to create an optimal environment integrating research and clinical care. PROJECT HOPE provides the opportunity for people living with ALS in B.C. to participate in clinical trials and improved care in their province,” Wendy Toyer, Executive Director of ALS Society of British Columbia

All funds donated to the ALS Society of BC designated for research will be directed to research through PROJECT HOPE. In addition, 40% of the proceeds raised from the Move to Cure ALS will go to research.

From this point forward, 100% of funds donated to the ALS Society of BC will remain in BC.

Our Impact