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Caregivers' Day

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"This day gave me a feeling of family, love, and union with other friends facing many of the same challenges as I" (quote from a Caregiver Participant)


Held in communities around BC, Caregivers’ Day is a chance for caregivers and former caregivers of ALS patients to have a day of respite. This event allows ALS caregivers to come together and share experiences. It also provides opportunities for caregivers to learn how to take better care of themselves and how to cope with grief.  

The number of Caregivers' Days is determined based on the number of patients the area. In 2016, 4 Caregivers' Days were held in BC (2015: 5, 2014-4, 2013-4).

Excluding administrative expenses, the annual cost of the program in 2016 was $7,600 (2015:$7,600, 2014-$8,800, 2013-$6,600).

2017 Caregivers' Days Location .....To learn more about this program, please contact, Alex Guerrero at 604-278-2257 ext. 226 or e-mail

To support or sponsor this program, please contact Rena Mendoza at 604-278-2257 or e-mail