Meet Our New Executive Director

Meet Donald Miyazaki!

Born and raised in British Columbia, Donald Miyazaki steps into the role of Executive Director at the ALS Society of BC, succeeding the long-serving Wendy Toyer with nearly two decades of leadership experience. Donald’s journey began in January, yet his commitment to the fight against ALS is not just professional but deeply personal. His dedication traces back to 2010, when he assumed the position of Executive Director at the PGA of BC, where he played a pivotal role in nurturing the Golfathon for ALS. This personal connection to ALS fuels his determination to make a difference in the lives of those affected by this disease.

Donald’s vision rests on a foundation of community and people. He firmly believes in the transformative power of inspiration and the boundless potential that individuals and communities possess. His aspiration? A world free from ALS. This bold vision is not just a dream but a beacon of HOPE that inspires us all to work towards a future without this devastating disease.

Donald aims to sustain this momentum by taking the reins at a time of remarkable positivity within the Society. Supported by the Board, committees, partners, and volunteers, he steps into the shoes left by Wendy, who guided him during this transitional phase. Wendy’s legacy remains intact as she continues to champion the cause, volunteering for PROJECT HOPE and serving as Chair of the Advocacy Committee. Her wealth of knowledge and experience, now shared with Donald, will undoubtedly enrich the ongoing work of the ALS Society of BC. We are grateful for Wendy’s continued dedication and her invaluable contributions to the cause.

Donald Miyazaki’s leadership promises to uphold the spirit of collaboration and purpose that defines ALS BC. He plans to do this by fostering open communication, encouraging diverse perspectives, and ensuring that every decision is guided by our shared mission. As we bid goodbye to Wendy, her dedication and passion echo through the organization, inspiring us all to strive for excellence in our mission to support those affected by ALS or PLS.

Goodbye, Wendy, but not Farewell!

Wendy’s retirement from her position as Executive Director of the ALS Society of British Columbia is a significant milestone in her journey, filled with dedication and passion. Over the past nineteen years, her contributions have been invaluable, significantly shaping the Society’s growth and impact. Despite stepping down from her role, Wendy’s commitment to the success of PROJECT HOPE, where she will now serve as a volunteer champion, remains unwavering. This transition reflects her enduring dedication and love for the cause.

Under Wendy’s visionary leadership, the establishment of PROJECT HOPE and the fostering of crucial partnerships with the Province of BC and UBC have not only ensured continued support and progress in ALS research and care but also inspired us all to strive for excellence. As an Honourary Life Member of ALS BC, her influence and guidance will continue to resonate within the organization.

To Donald Miyazaki, the incoming Executive Director, Wendy extends a warm note of gratitude and encouragement. She expresses confidence in his ability to build upon the Society’s positive trajectory and ensure its continued success in fulfilling its mission. Donald, with his extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector, is well-equipped to lead us forward. Wendy’s kind words reflect the collaborative and supportive environment within ALS BC, highlighting the seamless transition and unity of purpose under Donald’s leadership.

In closing, Wendy deeply thanks her team, volunteers, and family for their unwavering support and friendship throughout her tenure. Her compassion, resilience, and dedication legacy will continue to inspire and drive the ALS Society of British Columbia forward in its mission to support those affected by ALS and PLS.

With gratitude,