Love Wins Against ALS by Ernie and Alice

We showcase love, hope, and positivity this Valentine’s Day by sharing inspirational love stories from our incredible community.

Our journey with ALS started shortly after Ernie retired in 1993. We noticed that his left foot started to drag, causing him to have poor balance and fall a number of times. He had many tests done in Victoria and was finally sent to Vancouver for more tests. Finally, in 1997 he was diagnosed with ALS, which was devastating news for us, our family and our friends as the life expectancy was two to five years. We have strong faith, and our church family prayed with and for us. 

Ernie and I have celebrated 63 very happy years of marriage and are blessed with three children, Daphne, Duane and Shelley, two sons-in-law, Kevin and Todd, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Family is very important to us, so we celebrate and enjoy every time together.

Ernie’s balance got very uncertain, so for his safety, we got an electric wheelchair, which gave him mobile independence. We could travel visiting family and friends as well as enjoying a number of cruises. Our deep love for each other, our faith in God and our commitment to each other till ‘death do us part’ helped us face many unknown challenges early on our journey.

Having ALS opened new avenues of service. We were encouraged at the monthly meetings where we met others on the same journey. We took part in flower day, and the ‘Walk for ALS’ every year for as long as possible. Ernie accepted having ALS, and both of us were positive, which opened opportunities to encourage and share God’s love with them.

I, Ernie, wrote a book called ‘God Working Stories in My Life’ about growing up to the present. The book is for our children to remember me when I was gone. I also enjoyed my hobby of picture framing. When this became impossible for me, as I could not stand without support, I sold that business and started working with wood doing Intarsia.

Our journey took a sharp curve in August 2015. I had a serious stroke and landed in the hospital for four months. My left side was seriously damaged, and we knew Alice could no longer be my 24/7 caregiver, so we had to accept a new option: I would have to go into a care facility. We can see God’s direction here, as well as a place became available at Luther Court Community of Care, a faith-based facility. Thankfully, God gives us grace and strength each day. Our love for each other grows stronger, and our time together becomes more precious. Alice faithfully comes to be with me as often as possible. We have and are trusting God each and every day and pray we can encourage others.

Ernie and Alice Wiens

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