Helmet 4 Hope

Helmet for Hope Competition

Create your own ALS-themed helmet design for a chance to see your artwork featured on World Cup skier Brodie Seger’s helmet during the upcoming season, as well as earn a $1000 cash prize courtesy of Haywood Securities!

Design Guidelines:

  • The artwork must feature the colour purple and at least one blue cornflower (official colour and flower of ALS).
  • Include the hashtag #endALS somewhere in the design – preferably along the bottom edge on the side or back.
  • Do your best to leave the carbon fibre portion of the helmet (as seen in the template) partially or entirely visible. Work it into your design!
  • The yellow MIPS logo and the FIS logo on the back of the helmet must remain visible and in the same location.
  • The Bollé logos on either side of the helmet must remain the same size and be placed above the goggle strap line, and be clearly visible/legible with a solid colour underneath. Same goes for the Haywood logo on the forehead.

Download the document to view the design templates. There is one template that looks like the current helmet design, one that is left blank, and some photos of the helmet being worn for reference.

Use them how you like, and then submit your design images along with your contact information to helmet4hope@gmail.com. The competition is open to submissions from October 12-26, and the winner will be announced by October 31.

Additionally, throughout this competition anyone who uses the link on this page to donate to the ALS Society of BC will have their donation MATCHED up to a total of $5,000. All donations will be directed towards PROJECT HOPE, so spread the word!