Team ALS BC & Yukon Volunteer Program

Move to Cure ALS Volunteers & ALS BC Support Group Facilitators at the 2022 Summit

The ALS Society of BC recognizes that volunteers are the backbone of the organization. It is because of our volunteers that the ALS Society of BC is able to provide services to people living with ALS and to spend less than 15% on administration costs.

TEAM ALS BC & Yukon was launched at the Volunteer Conference held in November 2005. To increase visibility of ALS volunteers, a logoed vest is presented to volunteers who achieve 50 hours of volunteer service. Professional development programs are offered to continue to build strength and skills of the team. 

Team ALS BC & Yukon Volunteer Awards

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at an event

Whether at the Move to Cure ALS or another fundraising event for ALS Society of BC, volunteering can include being on a committee to help plan and execute the event, or volunteering on the day of the event to help it run smoothly. Both options are a great way to make new friends and contacts, learn new skills, gain work experience or meet volunteer hour requirements for schools and community organizations.

Volunteer at our office

Filing, stuffing envelopes, and entering data are all important activities in our day-to-day work at ALS Society of BC and we appreciate the support of volunteers to help them get done.  There are also times when we need volunteers with special skills like photography, videography and graphic design.

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Information Package

To learn more about volunteer opportunities please e-mail [email protected].