Angels In Charge

Check out this gorgeous apparel created locally in BC. It is inspired by and in loving memory of Jennifer Lelonde of Duncan, BC, who passed away Nov, 20 2020 of ALS. Part of the proceeds are donated to The ALS Society of BC.

The origin of the name:

Angels: the word “AngeLS” has the letters ALS in it. A portion of our proceeds are donated to @als_bc & we are a brand inspired by a very strong, selfless & empowering woman who passed away from the disease. She now lives on as an angel.
There is no known cure for ALS, so we are committed to making a difference through our brand.

In Charge: We are a brand inspired by powerful & fearless boss babes who take charge of their lives and unapologetically do whatever it takes to make their dreams a reality.

Club 333: This represents the angel number “333”. It is also the approximate time in the afternoon (3:33pm) that our angel who inspired our brand passed from ALS.

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