Oana Grant

Once in Canada, she obtained her second law degree (common law) from the University of Victoria, and she has been practising law as an associate at the law firm of Dinning Hunter Jackson Law since 2010. Her practice focuses on civil litigation (personal injury) and personal and estate planning. Oana is married, and she and her husband, Peter, have a son, Brady. Oana came in contact with the ALS Society when her brother-in-law, Jimmy Grant, was diagnosed with ALS and subsequently passed away in 2011. Since the diagnosis, Oana has fundraised money for ALS, alongside her husband, who is a recipient of the Award for Exceptional Fundraising by a volunteer, and their Lyall Street Service Station, as part of their Show’n’Shine event each June. Also, since 2018, Oana has organized the Flower Day event in Victoria, which also continues to raise funds and awareness for ALS. Since January 2019, Oana is excited to offer her support to the society in her capacity as president of the Victoria chapter of the ALS Society of BC.