Dr. Elizabeth Bannerman

Dr. Bannerman is a Registered Psychologist in the province of British Columbia.  The scope of her practice is in health and rehabilitation psychology, and the treatment of depression, trauma, and anxiety disorders.  She has been involved in various capacities in the rehabilitation of individuals with musculoskeletal injuries, chronic and terminal illness, and emotional disorders since 1993.  Dr. Bannerman was an undergraduate at McGill University, and moved to British Columbia to pursue graduate studies.  She earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Simon Fraser University in September 1996.  She also completed one year of family therapy training at the Pacific Coast Family Therapy Association, Vancouver, British Columbia.  Dr. Bannerman undertook a pre-doctoral practicum at the Montreal General Hospital, worked at Riverview Hospital conducting neuropsychological assessments, and enjoyed an extended full-time internship at the Medical School, University of Washington in Seattle.  She taught as a sessional instructor at Simon Fraser University for several years, and continues to provide psychotherapy supervision to clinical psychology PhD students at the university. Dr. Bannerman spent several years as a provider of psychological services to chronic pain and occupational rehabilitation programs, and eventually became the manager for an interdisciplinary rehabilitation clinic.  For 5 years, she also worked as a surveyor for the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, accrediting Chronic Pain Management Programs at hospitals and independent facilities throughout the USA.   In 2003 she joined Behavioural Health Care, a company that specializes in health and rehabilitation psychology, as a partner, and has been providing psychological assessment and treatment services on a full time basis since that time. 

When a dear friend was diagnosed with ALS, Dr. Bannerman sought to put her psychological treatment skills to good use and, in collaboration with ALS BC, developed the Psychological Support Program in 2010.  In this capacity, she recruits psychologists and registered clinical counsellors to provide pro bono psychological treatment to ALS patients and their families.  She is also one of the clinicians providing these services.  For this work, Dr. Bannerman was awarded the ALS Society of Canada’s 2010 William Fraser Leadership Development Award and the ALS Society of BC Leadership Development Award in 2013.  She has assisted ALS NS/NB to set up a similar program in the Maritimes, and hopes to do the same in other provinces throughout Canada.     Dr. Bannerman was a co-investigator on a current study investigating the impact of respite care on the wellbeing of ALS caregivers and patients.