The Advocacy Committee of the ALS Society of BC is a standing committee of the Board, formed to help the Society fulfill its stated goals, and having the following terms of reference:

  1. To act as an advocate for communicating needs and concerns of the ALS community in BC to the Provincial government
  2. In the case of national and interprovincial needs and concerns, to work with the ALS Society of Canada’s Advocacy Committee.
  3. To respond to needs and concerns identified by the Board and by the Patient Priorities Surveys conducted annually by the Board’s Patient Services & Research Committee; these needs may include services that are not at this time provided by the Provincial government to ALS patients, families and caregivers, or that are not provided consistently throughout the regions of the Province.
  4. To assure that all identified needs and issues which are being advocated are also made known to all elements of the ALS community in BC.
  5. Meet with BC MLAs at least once per year during Legislature Day (held in May) to keep the provincial elected officials up to date on issues pertaining to ALS and the services provided in BC for people affected by ALS.For more information contact: