24 hr KM Challenge

 Ians 24hr KM Challenge for ALS
My plan is to ride as many kilometres I can in a 24hr period on Sept 21, 2021. I will ride a familiar 100km loop in Victoria as many times in the daylight hours as possible.  As the daylight begins to fade I will switch over to the YYJ Airport Path which is 9.3km and I will ride this loop continuously into midnight hours and into the morning until my 24hr time period comes to an end. My goal is to ride 600km and raise $10,000. I will be riding with support from the Saanich Firefighters Charitable foundation. You can follow my training and any updates leading up to the event through my Instagram which is @ian.w.duncan 
 Why did I create this event?
I created this event as my Dad was diagnosed with ALS in January this year. He is recently retired and this was really shocking/sad news for our family. Both my Mom and Dad have been incredibly positive over the past 6 months knowing the circumstances that surround them, my brother and myself. I am hoping to continue that positivity into the future and garner as much attention as possible to ALS. Since I am an avid cyclist I thought this would be a great way to raise funds for the ALS society of BC. Your support will help people and their families living with ALS have access to support groups, mobile clinics, psychologic support services and equipment. It will also help keep alive the hope of finding a cure for ALS. Thank you!
 Date: September 21th, 2021
 Start Time: 6:00AM 
 Goal: To raise $15,000
 Inquiries: duncan@saanichfirefighters.com
 Instagram: @ian.w.duncan